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Test engine fuel pressure method

Time: 2021-01-05 Hits: 65

By detecting the fuel pressure, we can diagnose whether there is a fault in the fuel system, and then determine the nature and location of the fault according to the test results.The detection method is as follows

1. Release the residual pressure in the fuel line.

2. Install the fuel gauge on the fuel gauge adapter.The pressure gauge is generally installed at the oil outlet of the gasoline filter or the oil inlet of the fuel distribution tank. Vehicles with a pressure measuring port can connect the fuel pressure gauge to the pressure measuring port.

3. Turn the ignition switch to the ON position to check for fuel leakage.

4. Start the engine and check whether the fuel is leaking.

5. Read the reading on the fuel pressure gauge. The idle speed is generally 0.25mpa or in line with the technical regulations of the vehicle model.

6. When the idle working pressure is detected, the oil pressure should rise to 0.3mpa when the vacuum tube is pulled out.Otherwise, replace the oil pressure regulator.

7. Turn off the engine and check the change of fuel gauge reading. The gauge reading should remain unchanged for 5 minutes.


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