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Car tire life is generally how long

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Car tires as the vehicle and the ground only contact with the object, its importance is indescribable, so at ordinary times our drivers friends should pay timely attention to the health of the car tires, to understand the service life of tires and other car knowledge is necessary.

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The shelf life of general tires is calculated according to the production date of tires, and the warranty period of the factory is 3 years.When the new car is bought, the quality guarantee period of the new car tire is generally 1 year, this year is calculated according to the sale date.There are no official rules for how long a tyre will last, depending on how often the vehicle is used and the driver's driving habits.Said purely from the quality of the tire, the car company and the tire brand is not the same, no matter how the tire wear on the car, to be replaced after the tire factory 6 years, it is recommended that after 5 years, every year by professionals to carry out a comprehensive inspection.

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The best use of tyres generally do not exceed 3 years, mileage does not exceed 60,000km.Although slightly more than fixed number of year and mileage also clear the general situation, but leads to tire wheel grain wear off too much, the decorative pattern of the tire without drainage adhesion will sell at a discount greatly, at the time of use and easy to cause the vehicle problem, reduce the friction between tire and road surface, the second encounter slippery road surface will not be easy to brake, produce overturned, met bad road surface is flat tire easily.

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Finally, after repairing the tire, no leakage was found, but at this time the tire is actually very fragile, some dangerous situations will occur at all times, please pay special attention to.


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