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Standard and Policies

Corporate standards

Strong propulsion is always originated from a strong inner core.

Sunsoul proactive and effective corporate guidelines are the basis for the rapid growth of the company. The hard-working and efforts of the employees at Sunsoul over many years can be summarized into five corporate standards listed below, which have helped to promote the company’s growth in various aspects such as research and development, values, partnership benefits, employee growth and corporate responsibility.

•Enhance Customer Competitiveness

Customers are the key to our success. We share our experiences with our customers and provide comprehensive solutions for them to achieve their objectives efficiently and effectively.

•Innovation Leads to Future

Innovation is our lifeblood. We successfully turn dreams into  technologies and products. Our cutting edge is creativity and experiences.

•Enhance Company Value

We generate profitable growth to ensure sustainable success by leveraging our balanced business portfolio. We strive for perfection and pursue excellence.

•Realize the Dream of Employees

Outstanding employees are the foundation for our company’s success. Our company culture is characterized by resilience, transparency and mutual respect. We encourage our employees to take ownership and grow together with the company.

•Embrace Social Responsibility

We are engaged in promoting social development process through improvement, suggestions and innovative technologies. We are committed to universal values, good corporate citizenship and a healthy environment. Integrity guides our conduct toward our employees, business partners and shareholders.

System Policy

Quality Policy:Passion for Excellence

•Zero Tolerance for Defects

Our activities are directed toward rigorous avoidance of any failure in our products and processes. We consider Zero Defects as a realistic goal. We support the systematic improvement of products and processes.

• Customer Satisfaction

Our activities are customer focused and we are committed to develop a successful partnership from the beginning, from applying effective project and processing management to volume supply, all throughout the lifecycle.

• Continuous Improvement

Our principle in business is to continuously improve our competitiveness. Having in-depth root-cause analysis by applying PDCA and Six Sigma quality tools, fast and systematic improvement to product and process, best practices sharing as well as innovations are the foundation of increasing quality and productivity.

• Entrepreneurial Spirit, Empowerment & Involvement

•We encourage the entrepreneurial spirit, empowerment and involvement of our employees by continuously and systematically developing and utilizing their knowledge, experience and skills.

•Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety Policy

•We are responsible for our environment friendly promise, abiding by legal and other requirements, and also creating a safe and healthy workplace for all employees at all times.

• Raising employees’ awareness in safety and health, we encourage all employees to participate activities related to safety and health learning.

• We assess possible environmental impacts in early stages of product and process development. It is our goal to prevent or minimize pollution.

• We also minimize the existed pollutants and discharging pollution in manufacturing process, through continuous improvements that all employees are engaged in.

• To guarantee a safe, healthy and reliable working environment is part of our social responsibility.

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