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Common sense in the use of car tires

Time: 2020-12-29 Hits: 86

The safe running of the car is inseparable from the stable state of the tires.Have you ever noticed the safety code words for tires?Now let's talk about the use of those car tires.

1. Pay attention to wear marks

The wear mark height of the tire is 1.6mm, which represents the wear depth limit of the tread pattern. When the tire pattern is worn to the height close to this mark, the owner should not hesitate to abandon the old and welcome the new.The wear mark height of general car tires is 1.6 mm, the wear mark height of truck tires is 2.4 mm.

2. Tires with cracks or blobs and other damage

Whether the tread cracks, tread bulge, tread rubber loss, tire side wear is serious or by foreign matter, it should be checked as soon as possible and replaced in time, because the daily driving process inadvertently formed cracks and bulge, there will be the risk of burst.

3. Tyres also have a fresh life

The use of the tire is usually about 5 years, more than this number of years, even if the normal maintenance, the tire will appear surface hardening, then appear turtle crack.Ageing tyres lose their elasticity, and even though they do not appear to have serious wear and tear, continued use can cause tread deformation, posing a safety risk.

When driving a car, the most inseparable is the tire. I suggest that the owner should check the tire after driving whether there is insufficient pressure or whether there is a nail inserted, which is a good habit as a driver.


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