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Introduction to the use of automobile tire gauge

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In the process of tire driving, tire pressure is a very important indicator, only to keep a reasonable tire pressure to keep the car safe and smooth driving, and the main instrument for measuring tire pressure is tire pressure meter, so when measuring tire pressure, how to see the car tire pressure meter, let's look at it.  

 What about tire pressure gauges  

 Tire pressure table is generally divided into three kinds, tire pressure table pointer type, digital tire pressure table and alarm type tire pressure table, the latter two can be told by numerical or alarm we tire pressure, the principle is relatively simple, and our daily seen is a pointer type tire pressure table, just can connect to the tire valve mouth inspection on automobile tire pressure,  Then by looking at the pointer to understand the tire pressure, pointer type tire pressure meter although also simple, but unfamiliar friends are prone to misreading, then we will see how to see pointer type tire pressure meter.  

 It can be seen that the tire pressure gauge has two circles, one of which is the British unit psi(pounds/square inch) and the other is kg/cm^2(kilograms/square centimeter). The 2.5 that we talk about is the black number in the inner circle. We have marked the exact position of 2.5 with a sign in the picture.  If the tire pressure is too low and too high, in short, we must set the tire pressure to the appropriate and correct position, if you do not understand, you can refer to the vehicle user manual or door (B pillar or C pillar accessories) next to the sign, where you can see the manufacturer recommended value (cooling tire pressure).  

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 It is worth mentioning that the tire pressure check must be carried out in the case of tire cooling, otherwise the high temperature will make the tire pressure rise, if the pressure value measured in the case of hot tire, the best minus about 0.2, is the tire cold inflation pressure.  

 When measuring tire pressure, first open the tire valve cap, connect the tire pressure gauge air valve to the tire valve, press until the pointer reaches the highest value and begins to read tire pressure release.  

 After determining the value, check the tire pressure gauge to see if the value is within the normal range.  

 If the air pressure is too high, press the lower air valve to discharge the air.  

 If the pressure is too low, please use the pump and other equipment to pump.  Remember to close the air cap after that.  

 The disadvantages of high tire pressure  

 1, the middle tire wear speed up, resulting in uneven tire wear.  

 2, the grounding area is smaller, the tire grip is reduced, affecting driving safety, wet road is more obvious.  

 3, the tire is too hard, the shock absorption effect is worse, and the ride comfort is worse.  

 4, tire burst risk is increased, especially in summer, when the tire pressure is too high, the tire pressure meter can be used to deflate.  

 The downside of low tire pressure  

 1. Less wear in the middle and more wear on both sides of the tire, resulting in uneven wear.  

 2. Increase tire resistance and increase fuel consumption.  

 3, the tire extrusion deformation is large, the tire is easy to produce small cracks, resulting in tire explosion. 

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