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Relevant Measures To Deal With The Leakage Of Electric Vehicle Valve Core

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If a goodvalvecore leaks due to looseness, you can use a valve core wrench to tighten the valve core a few turns to prevent air leakage. The broken valve core can be replaced by a car repairer for a new one. This is the best solution for air valve leakage, and it is also a method that most people will use.

"Valve core" is also called "airtight core". Mainly used for air intake of tires and prevention of tire leaks. The main body of the "valve core" is a small section of cylinder with a hollow upper end and a solid lower end. A small hole is opened on the side of the lower end to communicate with the hollow part. The valve cores are mainly divided into: British valve needles, American valve cores, French valve cores, and German valve needles and Italian valve cores.

However, when thinking about how to solve the problem of air leakage, we should analyze the cause. Generally, it is because the gas nozzle is attached to the steel rim. During the long-term operation of the electric vehicle, the heating causes the steel rim to heat up and the gas nozzle changes. After heating, the valve core rubber is melted. After inflation, the valve core thimble has not returned to its position. After the tire is inflated, wipe some saliva on the valve mouth.

The Tire Valves manufacturers does not fit well with the core, and has unevenness, which makes it difficult to inflate. This is mostly found in non-standard brand cars. After many years of running on the road, the car will become loose. This is the easiest. Generally, just re-tighten it.

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