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How To Maintain And Use Pneumatic Wrenches

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The maintenance, inspection, and performance of the Air Impact Wrenches have a great influence on its service life and performance. In order to use it more correctly, so that it will not quickly break down, the following points must be paid attention to.

1. Air compressor and its piping: In order to make full use of the performance, clean and dry compressed air must be used. The rust and moisture in the air compressor and in the piping must be filtered and removed before use. Please install a water filter or a high-efficiency Three-point combination.

2. Proper air pressure: Please use it under the air pressure range of 6-8kg/cm2. If you use a high pressure that exceeds this pressure range, it will cause malfunctions. When the pressure is insufficient, it will also make it impossible to perform.

3. Refueling: In order to maintain stable performance, it is necessary to supply air tool oil regularly. Insufficient oil supply will cause the tool to heat up, cause abrasion, poor operation, and performance degradation, which greatly affects the life of the tool. The part of the air motor: daily operation Before, drip an appropriate amount of special oil for pneumatic tools from the air inlet, and let it lubricate by idling for 3-5 seconds.

The maintenance of the striking part, the bearing part, and the gear part: maintenance once a month. Fill the self-supply port with an appropriate amount of butter or completely decompose it and replace it with new butter. If you add too much butter, it will reduce the capacity, please pay special attention.

If the wind gun is weak, please check the above items first. If it is ruled out, it may be the normal wear of the machine, mainly the wear of the blades. Just replace the blades. It may also be the use of inferior sleeves and sleeves. The part of the cylinder and the drive shaft is rounded, and the drive shaft needs to be replaced. When replacing the parts, please carefully check the disassembly and assembly according to the number of the exploded diagram.

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