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Air Tightness Analysis Of Tire Valve

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The function ofthe tire valveis to act as a tire inflation interface and vent valve, and prevent inflation air leakage;

It is also a device for checking tire pressure. This part is small, but it relates to the driving safety of the car. So how does the valve ensure air tightness in the tire? Let's introduce them one by one.

1. Triple air tightness guarantee of spool

Spool is one of the core components of valve. Through the valve core, we can easily inflate and deflate the tire.

2. Double air tightness guarantee of valve cover

Valve cover is divided into plastic cover and metal cover. It is sealed by spiral teeth and metal nozzle rod. At the same time, the metal nozzle rod of the valve and the gasket at the bottom of the valve cover can be tightly coordinated in the tightened state to achieve the dual functions of dust and air tightness.

3, seat and flange hole seal

In both cases, the rubber seat is pulled in via a snap to ensure a tight fit between the rubber seat and the rim hole.

The metal seat is made by tighteningthe nutso that the metal seat fits tightly to the rim hole to ensure air tightness of the tire.

The structure of the valve product itself ensures multiple air tightness. Of course, in the production process of the valve, the material and processing accuracy of the product will directly affect the valve air tightness. Confidentiality checking is an essential step.

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