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Pneumatic Tools Need Special Attention

Time: 2022-08-01 Hits: 267

1.Pneumatic toolswork with the energy generated by the air compressor, and the compressed air delivered must be clean and dry cold air.

2. The distance between the use of pneumatic tools and the air compressor will inevitably lead to the pressure difference. If the distance is too far, you need to use a thicker pneumatic hose or a larger flow of air compressor.

3. Pneumatic tools need refueling and maintenance after daily use or before long use. This is done by placing a few drops of air shock wrench oil (which can be replaced with sewing machine oil) on the inlet of the tool. Regular maintenance can prolong the tool. Service life.

4. Pay attention to safety after the pneumatic tool starts to work. More attention is paid to human health abroad than at home. Generally speaking, they wear masks, gloves and so on when using tools. It is recommended to protect yourself and read the instructions carefully before using the tool.

5. If possible, please keep the environment clean!

Finally, some DR pneumatic tools will have a black cover on the air inlet. Don't throw it away. You have to know it's worth something. When you don't need the tool, you can plug it back in to prevent dirt from entering the tool. The inside of the

In addition, regular addition of pneumatic oil is also a very critical process, because there must be wear and tear and consumption during use, and adding a small amount of pneumatic oil at this time is a good maintenance. Pneumatic oil is a special lubricating oil for pneumatic tool system, different from ordinary oil and other lubricating oil. Its characteristics are: high flash point, low carbon content, oxidation resistance, rust prevention, defoaming, excellent viscosion-temperature performance and other excellent quality. After injection and atomization of lubricator, lubricate friction parts of reversing valves, cylinders and other components and increase service life several times. If you do not have professional pneumatic oil, you can buy pneumatic tools when the sales staff to help you choose.


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