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Do we need to replace the tires we drive on cars that are old and have tiny cracks Dubai

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Car tires are made of rubber, and rubber has a shelf life. When their shelf life expires, they age. The same principle applies to aging tires and stale food. Since everyone knew that tires were aging, they were not allowed to be used again. If you need to force the use, please slow down, do not drive at high speed, do not pass the bad road.

1. The tire surface is cracked. This is a characteristic of tire aging. The service life of tires is generally 3-4 years or 60,000-100000 km. Different brands of tires have different service life. Some tires last five years. Tire surface crack is the characteristics of tire aging life. It should be replaced in time.

2. tire surface wear. We should change the tire after checking the tire surface pattern wear to 1.6mm. However, in actual driving, if the tire surface wear to 1.6mm, the tire is easy to slip, poor grip. Generally speaking, in order to drive safely, we need to keep the tire pattern above 3mm. To be safe, we must change it.

3. tire bulge, hub deformation. The side of the tire bulged out. The steel wires in the rear curtain and tire bumps will deform. These deformations cannot be repaired. Deformation of the wheel hub can also affect the use of tires. It is recommended to replace the tire or hub.

4.Tire pressure. The air pressure in the tire is too high, causing the tire to shock. Tire pressure is too low, causing stress on both sides of the tire grooves. Too high or too low tire pressure is harmful to tires. Especially in the hot summer, the tire pressure should be lower than the recommended tire pressure. We have a tire pressure gauge near the door.

We can check for ourselves. This is best if the car is equipped with a tire pressure monitoring system. If we don't have tire pressure monitoring, we can park the car on flat ground and see how much tire pattern touches the ground. Generally, 4-5 times of ground contact is good.

5.Tire patch.This patch means the tire was punctured multiple times by a nail. The number of patches for a single tire shall not exceed three. If there are more than three patches, the car may get a flat tire while driving on the highway. The diameter of a single hole cannot be larger than 6mm. It is recommended not to repair, but to replace the tire directly.

6. tire side damage. The side of the tire is the weakest spot. The sides cannot withstand any external damage. If damage is found, do not repair it. It won't work once it's fixed. In addition, the side damage is beyond repair. Let's just change the tire.

Ordinary tires can travel 50,000 to 100,000 kilometers under normal conditions. Tell me that if the car is driven in the city a lot, if it has slight cracks, it can still be used.

Tires inevitably age after a period of use. Cracks are a sign of aging. When we find that the tire crack is deep, we must replace the tire in time, otherwise it is easy to bring us safety risks. Under normal circumstances, how should we determine whether a car tire needs to be replaced? When the remaining groove depth of tire pattern is less than 1.6mm, the tire should be replaced in time. At this time, the drainage function of the tire is greatly reduced and needs to be replaced.

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