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Pneumonia is ruthless, love is affectionate

Time: 2020-08-27 Hits: 55

This year’s Spring Festival is not the same. Without the excitement that the Spring Festival should have had, it added a bit of tension.

Isolate the virus, not isolate the love

There is true love on earth, we pay attention to the progress of the epidemic through the external media every day, as if there is a thread that always affects each of us. Although we cannot go to Wuhan, we are still in Wuhan.

Workers from all walks of life in front-line positions may play many roles in society: sons, daughters, dads, moms, husbands, wives … But when disaster comes, they have only one role in common: the protection of life By. All of
them may not have fallen asleep for several days in a row, and have not seen their family members for half a month. They are afraid that their family members will not even call on the phone because they are worried; even young
people who should have entered the marriage hall because The sudden epidemic situation resolutely gave up the long-awaited wedding and devoted itself to this silent war “epidemic”. Through television, the Internet, and other media, they saw that they were racing against the death, and in order to win the epidemic, they did not compromise with the death virus. As citizens, we felt more distressed. No matter how good the years are, it is just that someone is carrying forward for us.

I don’t know when this battle will end, let alone how it will end, but this silent battle of gunpowder will make everyone in the motherland more united. I used to think that it was silent The street is peaceful, but I would rather expect traffic jam streets and bustling crowds to be peaceful. The haze will eventually dissipate and the dawn will finally come.

When the smoke is over, it will be when the spring flowers bloom.
In 2020, the good is still on the way, there is no expectation of perfection. But happiness will not be absent, and the epidemic will certainly recede as soon as possible.


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