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Huoshenshan hospital: Chinese speed in a race against death

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How long does it take to build a hospital?

Ten days and ten nights.

From January 24th,2020 to February 2nd,2020, a hospital with scientific design and well-equipped facilities stood up.It is named “Huoshenshan hospital”, and it holds people’s expectation of driving away the plague with the fire god of chu.

This is an infrastructure speed that shocks everyone.This is an infrastructure speed that shocks everyone. Behind this “infrastructure madness” miracle, there is no god. Its bones are shaped by the research of countless experts, and its flesh is made of Countless down-to-earth ordinary workers who poured out the hard work overnight.

According to related reports, during the peak period of the construction of the Huoshenshan hospital, more than 4,000 construction workers worked on a 24-hour shift, and nearly a thousand large-scale machinery and vehicles were running overnight. When people have fallen asleep, these unknown heroes are still fighting on the front line of construction, the longest working time is even more than 20 hours.

Kissinger once wrote in “On China”: “China is always well protected by the bravest of them.” The Vulcan who truly protects the Chinese nation is not the legendary blessing, but that one. Thousands of unyielding, unrelenting Chinese workers were under the incandescent lamps lit all night.

On January 24, 2020, at the time of New Year’s Eve, family reunion and toasting, many workers spontaneously rushed to the “battlefield” from all over the country. They hurriedly set down the chopsticks, left their loved ones, and
even wrote a farewell letter with tears.

Among them, there are decorators, masons, soldiers, and drivers. They are all ordinary people. But it is these ordinary forces that gather hope for miracles.

Wu Xiaohong, a construction worker in Wuhan, summoned the workers immediately after receiving the notice, and rushed to the scene without hesitation. When the reporter asked, “Can you bear it at home?” She said, “Nothing is reluctant. Since we are Chinese, we need to go wherever we are!”

No winter is insurmountable, and no spring will not come. It is believed that this “vulcan power” carrying blood and tears can ultimately protect the Chinese nation from defeating the virus and weathering the crisis.


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