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Plan ahead to be more stable

Time: 2020-08-27 Hits: 43

Just after 2020, many black swan incidents have occurred,the black swan event refers to a major unpredictable event. It unexpectedly changed everything.
There may be a “black swan” behind everyone.

The new coronavirus epidemic is undoubtedly the “black swan incident”, which may happen once in decades. But it ’s worth noting that in the presence of most of you and me who only rely on wages and salaries to support their lives, “Black Swans” are sometimes present. Life is full of uncertainty qualitatively, “good sailing” can only be our good wishes.

Once the “Black Swan” arrives, no one can guarantee that he will survive.Buffett said “It’s only when the tide goes out that you know who is swimming naked” What we need is not only higher income, but also real crisis awareness, as well as protection against risk exposure and avoiding naked swimming.

Many times, the brain will ignore the unpredictable, uncertain, and unstable factors in reality in order to be happy. When necessary, we must think against the brain’s intuition. Maintain good financial status for individuals and families in response to the “black swan” that may come at any time. The biggest challenge in breaking away is to deal with your own demon-the instinctive desire for possession, the vanity and greed in human nature. It is not blindly organizing and throwing things, nor is it to uninstall a certain shopping software. It is a subversion of our consumption habits and thinking patterns. Cut off unwanted things. Give up, throw away excess, leave the obsession with desire.

Now for yourself, just let go of what you don’t need. Let go, life can go further.

Plan ahead to be more stable. Consciously plan your career prospects and family asset allocation, and put the work ahead, you can definitely not be afraid of most “black swan” incidents

First, stop credit consumption. Develop a practical repayment plan to pay off current liabilities as early as possible.

Second, start to force savings. Once the short-term liabilities are paid off, 10% of each income will be used to force savings. Let’s just consider that the income has been reduced by 10%. This will not affect our lives, but it can help us develop a wealth management habit of “investment first, then consumption”. After the savings amount is sufficient to support the living expenses for 3-6 months, the subsequent savings can be based on the financial goals and risk tolerance of each stage of life, and reasonable asset allocation between the stable account and the investment account

Third, buy commercial insurance. Don’t wait because we don’t know when the risk occurs. No one would have thought that in the beginning of 2020, there would be an outbreak of pneumonia that affected so much; no one would think that Kobe, 41, would be killed in an accident.

This is the uncertainty of risk. It can be said that it is the fate of each of us. Taking precautions, preventing problems before they occur, and establishing a comprehensive basic guarantee configuration is the best way to deal with such risks.
If the next Black Swan incident happens again, I hope we can calmly cope.


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