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What Are The Ways To Repair Tires?

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There are roughly three ways to repair tires according to the degree of damage to the car tires:
Rubber striptire repair
Advantages: fast and convenient, no need to remove the tire from the rim.
Disadvantages: not durable enough, easy to leak, easy to damage the ply.
Tire repair steps:
① Pull out the foreign body to find the punctured position, and pull out the foreign body stuck in the tire with pliers.
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② Use a tapered file to deal with the puncture, insert it into the punctured hole of the tire, and twitch it back and forth several times. The purpose is to file the stubble out of the wound surface of the hole so that it can be tightly combined after inserting the adhesive strip.
③ Insert the rubber strip and take out the rubber strip, insert it into the eye of the tip of the awl, and make the rubber strips at both ends of the cone the same length, and then combine the rubber strips at both ends into one strand. Use an awl to guide the rubber strip and slowly insert it into the hole of the tire. The depth of insertion is such that the rubber strip that enters the tire can have a length of about 5 cm, while ensuring that the rubber strip exposed outside the tire is not shorter than 1 cm. In this step, pay attention to ensure that the rubber strip can enter the tire when inserting.
④ Pull out the tool to pull out the awl from the tire. When pulling out, the action should be very slow to ensure that while pulling out the awl, the rubber strip that has entered the tire can be brought out two more strands.
⑤ Check for air leaks. Inflate the tires and check for air leaks around the rubber strip with soap foam. If there is a leak, the tire repair will fail and you must repeat the above steps; if there is no leak, it means success.
⑥ Cut off the excess rubber strips that expose the outer part of the tire with a blade to make the outside of the tire flat.
Cold tonic
Cold repair is to remove the injured car tire from the rim, after finding the wound, clean up the foreign matter in the wound, and complete the leakage from the inner layer of the car tire. There are two main types of cold tonic:
◆ Film sticking method: faster, but less reliable, so it is used less.
◆ "Mushroom nail" type: Relatively reliable, but the process is slightly more complicated. At present, this method is used more frequently.
Cold replenishment steps (mushroom nail type):
① Prepare mushroom nails. Remove the pierced tires and take out the top nails; prepare the "mushroom nails".
② Glue Apply special glue to the "mushroom nail".
③ Grind and vacuum the punctured part of the inner wall of the tire to vacuum. Note: Do not damage the ply of the tire when sanding.
④ Pierce the "mushroom nail" through the "mushroom nail" from the inside into the damaged area, and make the top end come out from the outside.
⑤ Pull out the fitting tool to drag the top of the "mushroom nail" from the outside to make the base of the "mushroom nail" in the tire wall fit the tire wall as much as possible.
⑥ Press and roll again from the inside to ensure the fit, and then apply glue again to complete the tire repair.
⑦ Cut off the excess "mushroom nails" on the outside of the tire.
Note: After the tire repair is completed, a dynamic balance is required to ensure the smooth running of the vehicle.
Hot tonic
Hot repair is the most thorough tire repair measure. The hot repair technology of automobile tires also requires unloading the automobile tires from the rim, and then attaching a special raw film to the wound, and then baking the wound with a baking machine until the raw film is completely attached to the car tire.
Advantages: very durable, there is basically no need to worry about repeated air leaks at the wound.
Disadvantages: It is necessary to control the heating time. If the heating time is too long, it will cause local overheating and hardening of the tire.
Hot patch steps:
① Make a mark and remove the tire, and mark the punctured part.
② Polish the inside and remove the nails, and polish the pierced parts from the inside. Be careful not to damage the tire cord when sanding.
③ Paste the film, apply glue to the polished area, and paste the tire repair materials.
④ Heat patch heating Use a heat patch machine to heat the film. The heating time is set according to the requirements of the heat patch machine.
Note: Do not heat for too long, otherwise it will easily cause the tire to harden locally.
⑤ After the hot patch is completed, the entire film has been integrated with the tire after the hot patch is successful; install the tire and check whether the leaking part is leaking. Note: After adjusting the tire pressure, do dynamic balance.

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