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Gain knowledge! There are so many ways to fix a tire?

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The tire master asks you whether it is normal to take the high-speed, on the one hand, it can be said that this master is more responsible, on the other hand, it can also increase their own income appropriately.  If you said to take the high speed, then the master must suggest you choose a mushroom nail to repair the tire.  Warm tip: try to use mushroom nail and cold repair tire repair method, fire repair high temperature very damage tires.  The use of mushroom nail tire price is a little more expensive, mushroom nail tire is a little better fixation, plus after heat treatment, air tightness is better than ordinary, but also a little more firm.  The mushroom nail film has a fixture that acts like a nail and can be passed through the broken tire.  Nails made of rubber not only hold the film in place of the damaged area, but also repair the damaged holes.  Using this way to mend the tire, the durability is very good.  General cold patch film has the inevitable probability of falling off, glue leakage.  

The mushroom tire repair is generally recognized as the best method of tire repair  

When the tire is stuck in the nail, the film aging, high temperature or the tire tire pressure is crushed at the repair place, especially when the operation process does not pass, the role of the tire repair is very good, and the film has a certain probability of leakage.  Finally, the mushroom spike, which is literally the shape of the patch, looks like a small mushroom, and the top coronal part of the patch can be fitted with the airtight layer, and the tiny root can be inserted through the hole to repair the outside of the tire. It is now recognized as the best way to repair the tire.  When the car is driving at high speed, the wheel speed is relatively high, and the accident most likely to happen to the car is: tire burst. The temperature and surface temperature are very high in summer, and the alternating baptism of the sun and rain. The tire aging speed is much faster than under normal conditions, so the accident probability of tire burst is high.  So the tire pressure monitoring function is slowly known as the vehicle standard setting, the country also has mandatory standards.  

Several ways to repair tires  

Driving on the highway, if there is a flat tire then the consequences are unimaginable, especially the front tire burst.  For cars without tire pressure monitoring, the low pressure of tires is very difficult to feel in some cases.  Check the tire repair kit for expired tire repair glue (if the vehicle is equipped with tire repair glue).  This kind of battery is larger than the general review capacity, and the service life is more than three times that of the general battery. According to this kind of battery, it can also be discharged repeatedly, and can be charged quickly to adapt to the start of the engine.  In particular, several relatively small diameter damage, the master operation method is no problem, the film quality is no problem, so it can be believed.  To put it simply, the first two methods are physical tire repair method, which is to glue the film, rubber strip and mushroom nail on the tire.  You must have an impression of the tire, the tire here is the inner tube of the tire, not the vacuum tire of the car.  Especially with the tire pressure monitoring function of the car, the side with low tire pressure contact with the ground mark is widened, of course, under relatively large road resistance, so the car to the side with low tire pressure deflection. 

Sunsoul hope you have a good mood, wish you healthy, happy every day!

Gain knowledge! There are so many ways to fix a tire

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