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What are the characteristics of different types of valves

Time: 2022-02-28 Hits: 47

There are many types of valve, including American valve, French valve, German valve and so on. Different valves have different characteristics. So here is a brief introduction to the characteristics of different valves.

1. American valve

The compatibility of American valves is better than that of other types of valves. And the scope of application is also very wide. The valves almost adopted by many users are gourmet valves. It is mainly used in civilian vehicles. Therefore, it is more convenient if the valve is broken or needs to be inflated. But if there are advantages, there are also some disadvantages. Its only disadvantage is that the air nozzle is not long enough, and it is not easy to be clamped when pumping the tires. But everything else is very good.

2. French valve

The mouth of the French Inner Tube Valves is relatively long, which is very convenient when pumping air, and its valve is relatively thin, so it is widely used on the knife-shaped rim. And its airtightness is also very good. But the only disadvantage is that the compatibility is not good, because it requires a special pump.

3. British valve

Compared with the British valve and the French valve, the airtightness is not as good as that of the American valve, and the inflated valve must be inflated every 15 days. Because of the high pressure, it is easy to leak air. Its hose is relatively soft, so it is prone to aging. If you use too much force when screwing, it will easily crack.

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