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The car tires have these 4 abnormal conditions, be sure to get off as soon as possible to check

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The problem of automobile maintenance can not be ignored. Cars are the same as people. They all need to eat and rest. Cars without gasoline can't run normally on the road. If you drive for a long time, the life of the car will be affected. In addition to maintaining good driving habits, everyone should also pay attention to the condition of parts, such as tires. Problems with tires may affect our driving safety, especially when driving at high speed. If you have the following four situations, it is necessary to take time to check and repair.

Measure the tread depth of the tire

If you are a novice driver, you can buy a gauge to measure the thickness of the tread pattern. The thickness must be greater than 1.6mm. If the car is often driven on a wet road, it is best to ensure that the thickness is more than twice that of 1.6mm, otherwise it will prove that the thickness of the tread pattern is insufficient.

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I obviously feel that the braking distance becomes longer

Once the tire is excessively worn, it will reduce the friction with the ground, which makes the car easy to slip when driving in rainy and snowy weather, which will affect the travel safety. If you can feel that the braking distance is significantly longer during braking, but the braking system is still in a normal state, it is very likely that the tire is worn too seriously. If it is not replaced in time, it is likely that the vehicle cannot stop normally during driving, resulting in a traffic accident.

There was a clattering sound

This kind of noise is regular and will change with the change of vehicle speed. This situation is usually caused by stones or nails in the tire. If it is a stone, find a suitable tool to pry it off. If it is a nail, go to the repair shop for tyre repair in time without air leakage.

Tire cracks

If the tire has cracks, it will leak. Once the tire pressure of the car is insufficient, it will make the car more difficult to drive. Needless to say, it will also cause tire wear and even tire burst. The tire pressure of the car plays an important role in ensuring the normal use of the car tire. If the tire pressure of the car tire is too high, there is no spare space in the car to store air, The increase of the internal pressure of the tire will also make the automobile tire prone to the risk of tire burst. If the tire pressure of the automobile tire is too low, it will not only increase the fuel consumption of the automobile, but also cause the automobile to drive more laboriously, which will also cause the occurrence of tire burst.


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