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Tire choice tips, did you choose the right tires for your car?India

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All when the choose and buy tires first to look at the date of production of tires, which in general is to mark which one week, the longer the tyres for the performance of the tire is down to different extent, for the production date too long is not recommended to buy though is not used by the new tyres, but rubber is aging, it is also responsible for our safety.

Secondly, to look at the brand, for friends who will not distinguish the quality of tires, this is the simplest way, the tire brand reputation is relatively good, we all know that a penny for a penny, the quality of big brand tires must be relatively good, for the tire after-sales use is also a certain guarantee.

Then look at the flat ratio of the tire, that is, the ratio of height to width, the smaller the flat ratio of the tire looks thinner, more sensitive to the road, the better the handling, the bigger the flat ratio of the tire looks thicker, better comfort, but if the tire roll is more serious.When choosing tires, we should choose the most appropriate tires according to the actual situation.

Finally, to look at the pattern, the tire with different patterns has different performance, generally transverse pattern, longitudinal pattern, comprehensive pattern and block pattern.The lateral pattern of the tire driving resistance, fuel consumption is relatively high, braking performance is also relatively good, but the sideslip is relatively poor, poor drainage.Longitudinal pattern driving resistance is small, more fuel saving, drainage performance is also better, anti sideslip is also good, is poor braking effect.Integrated pattern is the combination of transverse pattern and longitudinal pattern to achieve an ideal effect.For the block pattern of the tire family car with less, it is mainly used for the total mass of the vehicle is relatively large ground and relatively soft road, more suitable for heavy goods vehicles.


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