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Knowledge of automobile tire

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Tyres are the only direct contact with the road vehicle components, it used with disc wheel tires, direct contact with the road would transmit the driving force and braking force of the vehicle to the road, so as to control the start, acceleration, deceleration, parking, and to support the vehicle itself in the air filled with pressure on tire, so vibration produced by vehicles running on uneven road surface through the tire can be effectively reduced.

Knowledge of automobile tire

A wheel assembly generally consists of a hub, a tire and a rim.

The tire is composed of body, tread, wall and other parts.

Knowledge of automobiletire

1 tire body (outer tire) tire body is the frame of the tire, it must have enough rigidity to prevent high-pressure air leakage, and must have enough elasticity to absorb load changes and impact.The curtain wire in bus and truck tires is generally made of nylon or steel wire, while the curtain wire in car wheel tires is made of polyurethane or nylon.According to the cord direction, the tire can be generally divided into radial tire and bias tire two kinds.

Tread Tread is an external rubber layer that protects the body from abrasion and external damage caused by the road surface.The tread is in direct contact with the road surface and generates friction resistance so that the driving force and braking force of the vehicle can be transmitted to the road surface.The tread pattern is made up of molded grooves pressed into the tread and is designed to help the tire transfer driving and braking force to the road more efficiently.

Knowledge of automobile tire

Tire wall The tire wall is composed of several layers of rubber, covering both sides of the tire and protecting the tire body from external damage. It is the tire component with the largest area and the most elastic. The tire wall bends and deforms under the action of constant load during driving.

Buffer layer buffer layer is sandwiched in the fiber layer between the tread, it can enhance the attachment ability of the tire body and the tread, but also help to reduce the vibration of the road to the tire body, buffer layer is widely used in bias tires.

Knowledge of automobile tire

A belt is a kind of buffer layer used in radial tires.The rigid buffer layer is sandwiched between the tire body and the tread rubber like a tie ring and is placed along the circumference of the tire to keep the tire body firmly positioned.Car tire circumference placement is the tire body firmly positioned.Car tires are made of steel or recycled fiber polyester cord harness, while bus and truck tires are made of rigid cord harness.

6 flange to prevent a variety of applied forces on the tire to pull the rim tire tire is provided with a fixed edge, that is, each layer of the side are wound with a strong wire, known as the tire flange wire mesh.


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