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The car tire was punctured. Should I repair it

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How to judge whether to repair a tire  

Car tires and bicycle tires, be tied up after also can continue to use the tire.  But again, it depends on the severity of the puncture, whether you should change the tire or fix it.  

So, how to judge whether the tire was a serious situation?  What situation can be taken to repair the tire treatment, what situation should be directly replaced with a new tire?  

1. The puncture of the tire is too large  

Sometimes the thicker nail or foreign body into the tire and then removed, will form an obvious hole, this situation is not suitable for repairing the tire, but should be directly replaced with a new tire.  

In fact, tire repair is based on the principle that tire rubber can repair itself, namely the elasticity of the rubber.  If the wound is not particularly large, the puncture position of the tire should be able to automatically close to prevent leakage, in this case to repair the tire, it will not affect the normal driving after.  But if the tire has formed a wound that can not be closed, it should be replaced, so as not to affect the safety of driving.  

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If the tire hole diameter is greater than 6mm, it should be replaced rather than repaired.  

2, the tire was punctured in the tire side  

Generally speaking, tire repair to the inside of the tire will be near the wound polished smooth, and then affixed with tire repair glue.  The side of the tire is the thinnest position of the tire as a whole. If it is polished and repaired, it will only become thinner, resulting in a decrease in tire safety performance.  

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Such tires are prone to bending deformation when rolling, and after a period of use, there will be repair materials falling off, if you encounter nails and other sharp foreign bodies or by a large impact, but also prone to tire explosion.  

The tire has been repaired many times  

Automobile tires are not only heavy, but also suffer from wear and impact in use.  The more times a tyre is patched, the less safe it will be.  The recommended number of repairs for most tires is no more than four, considering tire endurance and safety.  

In general, if the tire itself is in good condition, there is no deformation, corrosion or repair wear too much, and the location of the puncture in the front of the tire, the diameter of the hole is less than 6mm, you can go to the repair shop to repair the tire, and then continue to use normally.  

It should be noted that even if the tire is not serious, it can not be dragged without treatment, not to mention pulling out the nail directly by yourself, and should be driven to the repair shop at a low speed for processing.  

After tire repair, also should pay attention to check the tire condition regularly, do not exceed the speed limit.  

Common way to repair tires  

According to the different conditions and needs of the wound, the repair of the tire can be carried out in different ways, and these ways have their own advantages and disadvantages.  

1, rubber strip tire repair  

Rubber strip tire repair is the most common tire repair way, the specific method is in the tire was stuck in the position of the special rubber strip, fast and convenient, no need to disassemble the tire, also do not need to do dynamic balance.  

The disadvantage is that rubber strip tire repair will expand the original wound, not durable, a long time will have the risk of air leakage, so it is more suitable for emergency treatment.  

2. Cold patch (patch patch)  

Cold repair is a common way of tire repair. It is necessary to remove the tire, find the location of the wound and clean it, and then paste a special tire repair film on the inside of the tire.  

This method can repair large damaged areas of the tire, but it is not durable and can cause air leakage after flooding or high speed driving.  

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3, vulcanizing  

The hot patch is similar to the cold patch. A special film is attached to the wound position from the inside of the tire. The difference is that the hot patch will bake the wound position with a baking machine until the film melts and sticks to the tear.  The advantage of hot repair is more durable, basically will not repeat air leakage.  

However, hot patch has strict requirements for heating temperature and time, once improper operation will cause further damage to tires.  

4. Mushroom nails repair tires  

This involves a mushrooming rubber patch that cuts through the inside of the tire and then grinds and cements it, repairing both the inside and outside.  

Mushroom nail tire repair effect is better, more durable, but the repair time is longer, the cost is higher, suitable for relatively large wounds.  

In short, the tire was tied after the repair is not safe, or depends on the position of the damage, if you need to replace, pay attention to the selection of other tire size, parameters are the same tire, avoid affecting the handling.  

Sunsoul hope you have a good mood, wish you healthy, happy every day!

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