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Do you know the pattern of these car tire patterns

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At this time, the tire pattern has a crucial role.  

Take a look at these patterns:  

1. Increase the friction of tires; 2. Reduce noise; 3.  Enhancement of aesthetics  

Normally, thetiresurface will have horizontal and horizontal stripes composed of grooves, although these patterns are very messy, but the function is actually a clear division of labor.  

Longitudinal pattern is arranged in the circumference of the tire, because it has the characteristics of longitudinal continuity to bear the function of rainy day drainage, which is also very helpful for tire heat dissipation. If the grip is insufficient, the pattern usually has several pieces on a tire, and there are also a fewtires.  

Compared with the longitudinal pattern, the transverse stiffness is larger, and the friction and braking effect are better, which can make up for the congenital defects of the longitudinal pattern.  

Take a look at the basic information of car tire pattern  

Mixed tread tyre  

Ordinary civilian tires should not only meet the driving in sunny days, but also meet the driving in wet days. They have to take into account all the year round, so that ordinary users can change tires without looking at the weather.  

The longitudinal tire pattern mainly has the function of rapid drainage, but will lead to the lack of grip, while the transverse tire pattern has higher grip, but the drainage direction is not good.      So tyre engineers mixed the two patterns together to create a perfect situation where the horizontal pattern can drain quickly and provide grip, and this hybrid pattern is now widely used in cars and other vehicles.  

Common pattern restrictions are less, before and after the left and right can be exchanged, is a comprehensive balance of the tire is very good, daily use belongs to the mediocre.  

Asymmetric pattern tires, such tires usually focus on the outer pattern of the ground when turning, which is why the asymmetric tire has excellent bending performance in some cases. Considering the daily use, the wear resistance of the outer pattern of the asymmetric tire will be relatively improved.  

Not only that, because the pattern adopts different structural forms, so the overall performance is more comprehensive. At present, asymmetric pattern tires have been widely used in the market, and have been recognized by many owners.  

Tire pattern is different, in the installation of time to also pay attention to some places, such as determining the tire inside and outside, generally using this pattern of tires in the tire swap is no special requirements, four tires can be replaced.  

One-way pattern tire, this tire has strong highway performance and strong drainage capacity, tire rolling resistance will be relatively small, vehicle handling is better.  

Single tire pattern is directional, generally speaking, the tire pattern is larger, the crosscutting pattern will be less, these characteristics determine the single tire rolling resistance is small, easy to operate performance advantages.  And the speed level is very high, can meet the needs of enthusiasts owners.  When installing one-way tires, pay attention to the arrow mark pointing. If they are installed incorrectly, the driving process may shake, accelerate wear and tear, and eventually weaken the grip.  

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