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Is the thinner the car tire the better?

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The thinner the car tire, the better. The so-called thin sidewall refers to the good elasticity of the sidewall, which will improve driving comfort to a certain extent, but the handling will be affected to a certain extent.

especially when driving intensely. The height of the tire sidewall is accurately called the aspect ratio.As for whether it is thicker or thinner, it cannot be generalized. It can only be said that different.

aspect ratios are suitable for different models.


In theory, flat is better than moderate, not too thick but not too thin, too thick will affect the car.The handling and thinness of the vehicle will affect the comfort of the vehicle.

The thickness of the sidewall is the first level of the vehicle.Shock absorption, and gas has volume and cannot be compressed infinitely. The tires can be driven on normal roads.

The smaller the compressed height, the vibration will be directly transmitted to the chassis suspension, so a car with a wide flat tire

The type tends to be harder. But this type of car that uses large-size wheels and flatter than tires points to.The sex is obviously much better, and the visual experience is indeed impactful,

playing posture or racing.Words can be considered.

Choosecar tires

Tires with a large aspect ratio are often used in off-road vehicles, and the sidewalls are thick enough to face rough roads and even obstacles.Everything can be guaranteed not to damage the

wheel hub, the main manifestation of the effect is this. General civilian car flat.The level ratio will be relatively moderate, taking the common 205/55R16 as an example, it will neither affect comfort nor affect

Maneuverability, therefore, the flatness ratio of the tire should not be too large or too small, to balance comfort and handling.

No matter what brand of tire, as long as it is a sports tire with a low flatness ratio, the sidewall is not thin.Yes, it can provide a better sense of control. Tires with high aspect ratio generally have very elastic sidewalls

Good, can provide a better comfortable driving experience. The tires still have to be chosen according to your own car.

Sunsoul hope you have a good mood, wish you healthy, happy every day!

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