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Premium Wheel Adapter & Wheel Spacer

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Wheel adapters and spacers is one of our major products, Thecategory is complete, including 4 lug adapters, 5 lug adapters, 6 lug adapters, 8 lug adapters, hubcentric adapters, dual drilled adapters, 2pc adapters, ATV adapters and wheel spacers.

 All the wheel adapters and spacers are made from forged aluminum for superior strength and hardnessAnd they’re machined by CNC machining center to have good precision and performance. We werecertified by ISoTs 16949 2009 quality system and have strict quality control for the products.

Feature introduction

1.Material 6061 T6 grade forged aluminum for superior strengh and hardness

2.Adapters are manufactured by CNC machining center

3.Studs 12.9 grade

4.Strict quality control ISOTS16949 2009

5.Specialized in this field with 20 years production and exporting experience

6.Any specification and color can be customozied

What canwheel adapterdo for you

1. With the help of wheel adapters, you can install different wheels onto your vehicles.

2.The adapter can widen the horizontal distance of the wheels which help vehicle grip the road 

well, and add a further driving comfort.

If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us.

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