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How much is the most suitable for car tire tire pressure?

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1, daily driving in the city, according to the original factory prompt label.The original warning label is usually located on the driver's side of the B block, or on the rear border of the door, but also on the fuel tank lid.Some of the original tire pressure labels will distinguish between full load and no-load conditions, if you drive a person for a long time, according to the no-load;So is a full load.

2,the tire pressurein the original factory calibration value within a certain floating range (usually 10%) is safe.The acceptable safe tire pressure range for current civilian car tires is generally between 2.0-2.8bar.

3, from the safety point of view, the tire pressure is better than low.Because low tire pressure is more likely to cause a flat tire than high tire pressure.When the tire pressure is insufficient, the deformation of the tire when rolling increases, tire structure fatigue, resulting in tire burst.Tire pressure is too high can also cause tire burst, that is, the expansion of high temperature gas makes the air pressure beyond the tolerance of the tire, but the general civilian tire can withstand the air pressure can reach 3.5-4.2bar, so 0.5bar higher than the calibration, is certainly safer than 0.5bar lower.

4. Based on the last one, the safe way to run at high speed is to slightly increase the tire pressure, because the pressure is high, the tire rolling deformation is small, and it is not easy to produce heat and structural loss.Running for a long time is a day to run hundreds of kilometers of high speed, if occasionally run a section of high speed, also do not have to specially go to add air.The higher value should be about 10%. For example, if the original factory requires 2.2bar, you can hit 2.4bar.

5. The overall rule is that high tire pressure contributes to high speed safety, it will also be more fuel efficient, but it will increase the tire wear speed, and the vibration transmission will increase.The low tire pressure is not conducive to the safety of high-speed driving, but it can improve the comfort of vibration filtering, and it will cost more oil.

6, based on the above point, if you think the car chassis vibration filter is very poor, and you are most of the time light load, low speed driving (such as a person walking to and from work), can be appropriate to reduce the tire pressure (0.2-0.3bar lower than the standard value), so that the driving quality will be improved, such as over the speed bump will be more comfortable and soft.

7, some people think that the fetal air will heat expansion and cold contraction, so when it is cold, it is a little higher, and when it is hot, it is a little lower.In fact, this is not necessary, because when the tire rolls, the air inside the tire heats up quickly, much more than the temperature outside.So, regardless of the season, stick to the original values, unless you're driving aggressively, see next.

8. Intense driving, especially referring to the continuous limit cornering mode of mountain roads and racetracks, the temperature rise of tire pressure is very surprising, so the air should be let out before intense driving.For example, in our car, the cold tyre pressure at the start was only 1.7bar, and after three laps the tyre pressure might rise to 2.7bar.How much is appropriate depends on the driving intensity and the characteristics of the car and the track, and is usually tested on the spot.

9. There is also a special road condition to greatly lower tire pressure: desert or mud.Because reducing the tire pressure can increase the tire ground area, reduce the pressure, reduce the chance of car trap.Off-road tire pressure tends to be half the normal level.How much depends on experience.

10, the measurement of tire pressure to see the unit, common Bar(known as "kg"), KPA, PSI these three.The first two are metric units, minus two decimal points (2.5bar=250kPa);PSI is a British unit, 1bar=14.5PSI.In case of confusion, just remember the popular Chinese saying "How many kilograms".

11, tire pressure must pay attention to the temperature at that time.The label on the original factory is cold tire pressure.If you lower the air in a hot car, you are definitely wrong.For example, after driving for half an hour, you stop to measure the tire pressure, which is 2.5bar. You think the tire pressure is high, but in fact, the tire pressure may be only 2.2bar when you wait for the cold car to test again.Therefore, the best time to measure tire pressure is before each drive.

12, tire pressure alarm is a good function, this function in a tire tire low than other tires of a range (usually 20%), it will prompt the alarm.A better function than tire pressure alarm is real-time tire pressure monitoring, which can display the tire pressure of each tire on the meter.In this way, you can always understand the tire pressure and know whether you need to adjust the tire pressure in time.

13, finally about personal experience.In fact, tire pressure is an empirical value, according to the original factory to of course the most safe, but according to road conditions, climate, use of some different tire pressure adjustment scheme, will let you know more about your car.For example, when you feel your car's vibration filter getting better, it's more likely that you're not getting enough air.Or maybe you have a special time to hit the high air, may be pleasantly surprised to find that fuel consumption has become lower.

14, the last experience is: pressure measurement can rely on their own, spend dozens of dollars to buy a portable tire pressure gauge, you can test yourself at any time.High tire pressure can be put by themselves, poke the small spring in the middle of the inflatable mouth;Tire pressure is not enough to pump, you can buy a portable pump, but that is more trouble, the simplest way is to take advantage of the car wash when you add gas, certainly not money.


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