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The car tyre is punctured by a nail. Should it be pulled out or not?

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1. In the case that there is no air leakage, it can be driven for a short time, and regular rest should be taken to check and control the speed 2.Check with a nearby repair shop as soon as possible for an assessment.4. If it is usually used as a substitute for walking, the driving speed is not very fast, you can observe more, and often check whether there will be a leak problem.

Under normal circumstances, the tire is punctured by nails to see what the problem is, and some will hear the sound of drops in the car, to timely to a safe place to check the parking.When the vehicle runs at high speed, the air pressure inside the tire will be heated and expanded, which will produce more pressure on the tire wall. If the tire has a hand, it is easy to have problems.

The reason for the hot weather in summer is that when the vehicle is driving on the highway, the tires will accelerate the rotation, and the internal temperature will be very easy to generate.Generally speaking, the high temperature of high-speed driving will not affect the tire, but there will be complex road conditions on the highway, the most afraid of the highway encountered sharp stone nails or steep road surface, will increase the damage of the location of wear, safety risk will increase, serious when there will be a flat tire.If you often run at high speed, it is recommended that you replace the tire directly.

Can the tire be fixed after all?

See specific case, it is OK to fill below general circumstance.As long as it's not too big and it doesn't hit the side of the tire, it can be repaired.In the process of driving, basically all the owners will try to get the tire punctured by nails, as long as you spend a few tens of dollars to repair the basic can run normally, because the damage is not very serious, to the regular repair shop repair can be.The repair of the tire will protect the damaged area so that it will not be a problem even at high speed.If it is tied to the side of the tire, it is recommended to replace the tire, because the side face of the tire is the weakest position of the tire, only under the conditions of high-speed traffic, the tire problem will be magnified and eventually shown.

What should I do if my tire is punctured by a nail

If the more serious it is recommended to replace the tire, especially after the tire is punctured, it will slowly leak air, indicating that the tire has been damaged.If the air leak is not fast, after filling up the gas may be one to two weeks will not be gas, during which you can also drive normally, but not because the wound is relatively small, without treatment, the tire pressure is not enough for a long time, the tire is easy to deformation.Regular inspection, timely treatment.


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