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How long will car tyres last? At a certain time, even if it's not broken, you need to replace it?

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For the car owner, the tire is the only part of the car and the ground contact, it determines the quality of the car.The quality of the tyres affects the handling, the comfort.No matter how much power the engine can deliver, the tires are useless without enough grip.It is very important to maintain and replace tires regularly. Then the life of automobile tires is generally several years. How long should it be replaced?

First, when it is found that the tire cracks are particularly obvious, it should be replaced.

Second, obviously the tire is not punctured, but you will feel the car tire is always slowly blowing air, this time also need to be replaced.

Third, tire bulge.The tire bulge is due to the rupture of the cord line inside the tire side. In this case, it is best to replace the damaged tire in time, otherwise it is easy to burst the tire.Because tire bulge is usually due to the daily driving, the tire accidentally scraped or punctures caused by, may happen at that time you are aware of, so it is recommended that the tire is regularly checked at ordinary times.

Fourth, when the tire has been worn to the lowest value, that is, 1.6mm, but also need to be replaced.

Fifth, the number of puncture.Another indicator of the time a car takes to change a tire is how many holes it has.If more than 3, in fact, can also be changed, especially the side wall injury of the tire.Real grinding to tens of thousands of kilometers of tires, private cars basically will be scrapped.

Sixth, tires to certain fixed number of year, basically is to consider in 5 years, if you don't have too much of an issue for the tyres, normal maintenance is better, don't want to change, it is best to find a mechanic to consult, don't think the somebody else will correct you money, after all the tyres have reached a fixed number of year, flat tire odds is very big, is unthinkable.

Sunsoul hope you have a good mood, wish you healthy, happy every day!

How long will car tyres last At a certain time, even if it's not broken, you need to replace it

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