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Tire wear common conditions you must master the tire knowledge

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Common main reasons | | to avoid

Tire wear is mainly caused by friction caused by sliding between the tire and the ground.The car starts, turns and brakes and other driving conditions are constantly changing, turn speed is too fast, start too fast, braking too hard, tire wear is fast.The tire wear caused by the above situation is basically uniform and normal wear.If the tire is not used properly or the front wheel positioning is not accurate, it will produce fault abnormal wear. The common abnormal wear is as follows:

Early wear in the central part

The main reason is too much air.Appropriate increase in tire inflated volume, can reduce the rolling resistance of the tire, save fuel.However, when the inflated volume is too large, it will not only affect the vibration reduction performance of the tire, but also make the tire deformation is too large, and the contact area with the ground decreases, and the normal wear can only be borne by the central part of the tread, forming early wear.If a wide tire is used on a narrow rim, it can also cause early central wear.

Too much wear on both sides

The main reason is insufficient air capacity, or long-term overload driving.When the air volume is small or the load is heavy, the contact surface between the tire and the ground is large, so that both sides of the tire contact the ground to participate in the work and form early wear.

Too much wear on one side

The main reason is the front wheel positioning is out of alignment.When the camber Angle of the front wheel is too large, the outside of the tire forms early wear, and when the camber Angle is too small or no, the inside edge of the tire forms early wear.

The tread shows serrated wear

The main reason is that the front wheel positioning adjustment is improper or the front suspension system position is abnormal, the ball head is loose, etc., so that the normal rolling wheel sliding or driving wheel positioning changes and the formation of sawtooth tire wear.

Large wear of individual tires

Early wear of individual tires can be caused by improper suspension system of individual wheels, bending of supports, or unbalanced individual wheels.After this situation, should check the positioning of the wheel wear severe punishment, independent suspension spring and shock absorber work, and should shorten the wheel transposition period.

There is alopecia wear

Alopecia areata in individual parts of the tire wear is the cause of poor tire balance.When the unbalanced wheel rotation at high speed, the individual parts of the force is large, wear speed up, at the same time the steering block, the handling performance becomes worse.If there is a slight jitter in a particular speed direction during driving, the wheels should be balanced to prevent bald patches from wearing.

Notes for Car Owners

Air pressure is the life of the tire, too high and too low will shorten its service life, owners need to pay attention to the tire pressure in time.(If you need a tire pressure gauge, Sunsoul can help you)

Front wheel positioning has a great impact on the service life of the tire. Check front wheel positioning regularly.

Try to avoid the choice of sharp, poor road conditions and easy to damage the tire on the road.

Limiting the speed can also improve the tyre time.

Grasp the tire temperature change, high temperature, tire rubber is easy to accelerate aging, the car driving a certain distance after the rest, to prevent tire temperature is too high.It is advisable to drive at a low speed for the first few kilometers after starting when the vehicle is driven again in low temperature overnight or after parked for a long time.

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