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Car tire maintenance common sense, do you know what to pay attention to

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Any car needs tires. Car tires are like the feet of a car.The tire is the only part of the car body that makes contact with the ground, and it is very worn.Car owners must maintain their tyres regularly.The tyres are well maintained and it's safe to drive.Let's take a look at car tire maintenance common sense.

The first thing to do is check the tire pressure regularly.Tire pressure is the pressure of the air inside the tire. Tire pressure is the blood pressure of the car, which plays an important role in the performance and power of the car.Tire pressure and car performance has a close relationship, by the impact of thermal expansion and contraction, cold winter, tire pressure also drops, if not appropriate increase in tire pressure, not only fuel consumption will improve, the wear of car tires will accelerate.Winter can increase the tire pressure, but must be controlled in the prescribed range.If the temperature is too high, the tire pressure is too high and it is easy to burst.So the air pressure in the tires is lower in the summer.

Then often remove the debris in the tire, the vehicle for a long time, the tire tread will be mixed with some debris, if not removed in time, when driving a little shaking, the damage to the tire is also very big.When driving at high speeds, foreign bodies in the tire texture can cause a flat tire, so it is found that there are small stones on the tire, which can be removed with items such as keys to keep the tire clean.

Check your tyres regularly for wear and tear and find that there is a big difference in traction and grip between your new tyres and your old ones.Tires used for a long time, wear and tear, the grip is weak and easy to slip.Therefore, the tire should be replaced quickly according to the wear condition to avoid unnecessary damage caused by excessive wear.

If a tire is punctured with a nail, replace the spare tire as soon as possible and repair the tire that is punctured with a nail, even if it does not leak.

Last but not least, avoid potholes in the road, which can squeeze your tires as they run over them.The bigger the pothole, the faster the car, the greater the squeeze on the tire, which can lead to tire bulges.Poor tire maintenance is related to the safety of the car, not to be despised.In addition to learning the above maintenance methods, the most important thing is to develop good driving habits.


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