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Five causes associated with car tire damage

Time: 2021-01-25 Hits: 59

The car wants to travel without tires, in the car, in fact, some behavior is also harmful to the tire, and sometimes may make the tire life end.I'm going to talk about some of the behaviors and factors that destroy cars.

1. The larger the car tire is, the shorter the life of the car tire will be, which I believe every owner knows.So the owners of friends can not be too ignore this point, overweight driving.Owners need to check the tire indicators produced by the tire manufacturers before driving.Car tire specified load index corresponding to the maximum load used within!

2. Accurate orientation of front and rear wheels should be maintained

The front wheel for the car tire life is not small, especially the end of the front wheel and front wheel tilt is also the main reason.Front wheel out is also mainly likely to accelerate the wear between the tire, the front wheel bundle is also to accelerate the wear inside and outside the tire.Therefore, owners can maintain accurate orientation of front and rear wheels in the process of driving!

3. Car tire temperature

Summer temperature is relatively high, and the car driving, tire due to stretch and compression and friction, resulting in higher temperature.Too high can easily cause tire wear and may also blow out the tire!

4. Road conditions

Drivers in the driving in addition to the treatment of opinions, but also to prevent sharp stone and metal may be broken or scratched tires, chemical spill substances and other above driving, if the car for a long time in the gravel road or more bad road conditions driving, the life of the car tires will also reduce some!

5. Driver Habits

Car owners friends can not ignore.Start too fierce or road conditions are not too good high speed driving and parking when the tire scraping obstacles, will also make the car tire wear heavier, and will reduce the life of the car tire, at the same time, will also bring danger for everyone to drive


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