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When exactly do car tires change? Have a car or not have a car to see!

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When exactly should the tires be changed?This problem is believed to have stumped many car owners, each mouth out the answer is not the same, which also makes many people feel confused.

Generally speaking, the life of the normal use of the tire is 4 to 5 years, after 5 years even if the tread wear is very small it is best to replace, because the tread rubber will be aging for a long time, and many small cracks are one of the reasons for the tire burst.For example, tread aging parts mostly start from the edge of the tire edge or shoulder, long-term sun and rain will make the rubber surface appear ring small cracks, these cracks show that the bearing capacity and quality of the tire at this time have begun to decline, in order to reduce the risk of a tire burst the best replacement in advance.

In addition to aging, tires also wear out naturally.So the factory tire before the factory will be marked in the side of the tire wear limit, to indicate the real time wear of the tire.And for the tire without wear mark we can also use calipers (or special tire pattern ruler) for measurement, general groove depth is less than 1.6 mm of the tire can no longer continue to use, because at this time the tire's drainage performance and anti-jabbing performance will be significantly reduced.In addition, if a tire has been patched three or four times, it is recommended that you replace the tire with a non-drive or rear wheel to reduce the risk of a flat tire.

Of course, the life of the car tire also has a lot to do with the normal use of peace.First of all, we must ensure that the tire is always in the normal tire pressure, too low or too high tire pressure will give the tire safety hidden danger.Need to remind you is not to believe what your eyes see, because now most cars are equipped with tubeless low-pressure radial tires, sometimes from the outside will feel a little flat, but it does not mean that it must lose air, professional tire pressure instrument is the only way to detect tire pressure.In addition, when detecting tire pressure, it must be in the cold tire state. If it is a hot tire, the measured value should be reduced by 0.3Pa to be accurate.

The use of car tires is closely related to driving safety, and can not be ignored, every owner should learn to car tires

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