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What if there are a lot of stones on your car tires? So I did it this way

Time: 2021-04-19 Hits: 39

During the Spring Festival, some owners will drive to the country road and the dirt road, the problem is also followed, the car tire tire grain inside also sink into a lot of small stones!

In fact, we should know that the role of tire pattern is to improve the grip of car tires, but also increase the tire drainage function and heat dissipation ability.Car tire tread for a long time to drive will also have wear and tear, more serious is to replace.

If there are more small stones in car tires, drainage function and grip on grain are also reduced, and some slippery places are easy to appear safety risks!

Not only that, if the stone is more, there will be rattle when driving, there are many stones are some sharp, high speed driving, may be the tire outer rubber to puncture, if said to puncture the tire, there will also be a leak.In addition, if say the steel wire inside is damaged somewhat, also be able to bring about a burst tire!

How to clear the stones stuck in the tire?Direct point is idle down nothing to go to the key to pull a pull, and then to use a screwdriver and bend enough of these tools, but we should pay attention to prevent the use of too sharp tools, may cause damage to the tire, in case of a puncture in the process of digging is also dangerous!

The more reliable way is to go to the auto repair shop can let the master tire gas to let off some, and then to tap the car tires or hook light pull, the stone is easy to get down, and it is not easy to damage the tires!

In fact, the tire is not what you think of which kind of fragile, there are a lot of their own will also accompany the car to rotate their own fly out.However, because of security risks, sometimes it is best to clean up regularly, may not be too bad!

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