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The 70th anniversary of the Chinese people

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Autumn day, day blue, green, and wind weather; Osmanthus fragrance, harvest in the prosperous; Flowers, birds singing beautiful days, splendid home. People rejoice Ying Huai, decorating, festive red lanterns hung high-celebrating the National Day, celebrating the 70th birthday of the motherland’s birthday.

Our country has a long history, is humongous, rivers beautiful, she has experienced extraordinary ordeal, her unyielding national spirit and attention. Since liberation, the wise leadership of the central committee and the joint efforts of people all over the country, the motherland prosperity step by step, she stood in the world powers with a new gesture. The scene spectacular magic of nature, that is the light of hope, if we are wise, brnging light to our life. We did not have such stability and happy life environment.

We like love the sun, love the party and the motherland, for her hardwork and effort dedication. Strong national wealth and the people, let’s wish: bless you,our motherland!

You come from the world.You from the art world came in newborn.To this moment,with the name of your neighbors to lend a helping hand,You pull one,because you are homologous,so they are willing to pay.

So, you stand in the corner of the world.Developing world inscribed the history of this era.

In the hope of so many people, you did not let us down.Hundreds of millions of people you let you see the pace of progress,loess you let your ancestors saw in the efforts, and you let people around the world to see your miracle of the East. Floods, SARS, snow, earthquake, economic crisis,these stories allow them to see, to see you the ability to deal with the situation.Spacecraft, the Three Gorges Hydropower Station, Qinghai-Tibet Railway, the Olympic Games,these events allow them to see, to see your style of great power.

Motherland, ah, motherland,you use your age young cock fighting in the territory,you use your body Qiao standing on the ground in the loess,you use one of your great country in his capacity as the forefront of the world.

Motherland,you come from the past,is to go into the future!


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