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Autumn is the season for harvest

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When the autumn comes, the leaves begin to turn yellow and then fall.The sky is serene and cloudless. The autumn wind brings us cool, it makes people feel comfortable.It suddenly occurred to me that “Autumn is rich with fruit and grain. ” Actually I see red pomegranates ,yellow oranges and juicy pear on the stall in the market .The grains have been harvested, the rice, wheat and corn.

The laurel trees give off fragrance. The perfume makes it’s way stralght into my nose. The brlght red canna are standing behind rows of tall plane trees. At times the autumn rain keeps falling silandy on the trees and flowers and the ground. It washes everything clean. When the sun comes out, the droplets shine bright on the yellow leaves.

In autumn,leaves turn yellow and fruits are’s the season of harvest.the sky grows bluer and everything is golden,the golden sunshine,the golden field,the golden trees. in autumn, we go on a trip to the mountains to appreciate the red leaves and great scenery,the air is fresh and lakes are clear.
What a beautiful painting! Autumn is the season for harvest, no pains, no gains.

As we all know,”no pains, no gains” is an influential proverb stressing the importance of hard working. It tells us that only by working hard can we achieve our goals,and on the contrary,the one who is lazy will never gain the things he wants. So,when others achieve their aspirations and you still gain nothing,don’t complain about the unfair fate and don’t give up,either. Remember:no pains, no gains.


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