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SOUSOUL invites you to visit the factory

Time: 2020-08-27 Hits: 42

An indian guest came to our company at 4.10, visited the factory and learned about the product.

We first introduce our products in the sample room. The sample chamber contains all products. We can visually understand the quality of each product and the differences between each model.

Then we went to the operation of the factory’s online employees, so that we can clearly understand the quality control of the production process, packaging, transportation and other processes.

At the break, we went to eat Chinese food. By the way, we went to the most famous Old Testament here to learn about our local culture and customs.

The Old Testament of Ningbo, with its preservation of historic architecture and neighborhood style, has a new urban culture with a desire to develop. Today’s old Bund skeleton is a modern consumer center. It is a fashion consumption center that integrates diet, life, entertainment, leisure, shopping and entertainment.

If you are interested in our products, please feel free to visit our factory . SUNSOUL looking forward to your arrival!


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