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Feel the spring and meet the beautiful life

Time: 2020-08-27 Hits: 43

April is the golden season of spring, and the world is full of flowers. Our long-lost heart is now dyed green, the fragrance of flowers, the aroma of the earth, opening our intoxicating hearts again and again.

April is also the golden season of tourism, and everything is recovering. The air in the morning is fresh and pleasant; the sun at noon warms the hearts of the people; the wind at night is refreshing and cool.

Spring rain is beautiful and soft. It gently nourishes the land. In the morning, the wind is a bit cold, it gives a very fresh feeling. The spring breeze blows and wakes everything up. The treetops are green, the earth is green, and the platform of the towering buildings is green. The rain is moist when the wind blows. The flowers on the mountains and plains opened their eyes, one, two, one clump, two clumps… connected into pieces and blended into the sea of flowers.

Hey, how lovely spring is, we should feel the nature after our work, feel the refreshment brought by spring, let the beautiful spring breeze blow our irritability, let the spring rain take our uneasiness. Let us embrace a more energetic work and a life full of hope.


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