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Happy Dragon Boat Festival

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SUNSOUL will start the holiday from June 7th to 9th and return to work on June 10th.

The Dragon Boat Festival is the fifth day of the fifth lunar month. The festivals and customs that drive away evils have spawned colorful activities in various places, including commemorating Qu Yuan, transplanting mugwort, drinking realgar wine,eating zongzi, dragon boat racing, etc.

Why we commemorate Qu Yuan at the Dragon Boat Festival? because of his noble thoughts of patriotism, because of his great romantic feelings. Country and nation need citizens with a sense of responsibility, care for people’s livelihood, benefit the society, and promote development, It should be the direction of our unremitting efforts. ‘’The way to get profound knowledge and grand morality is so far that I will search them from the paradise to the hell wholeheartedly.” wish all of us do the same, sparing no effort to explore and pursue the truth.

The Dragon Boat Festival is also a festival to care for young women. During the Ming Dynasty,from May 1st to the 5th, the married daughter take the child returned to her family , while the boys and girls washed their faces with calamus soup, and the face was coated with rouge and make hairpins from the roots of calamus.

On the Dragon Boat Festival, the family gathered around the table to share the delicious zongzi, how comfortable and warm the day. The fragrance of the zongzi will remind you of your childhood, remembering the carefree and happy that year; while remembering the past, we should also face the future with confidence and courage. Because every day is a day full of hope.

Finally, SUNSOUL wish you all the Dragon Boat Festival.


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