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The rain in June

Time: 2020-08-27 Hits: 54

The sky in June, bright and clear, occasionally, drifting through a large cloud, take away the noisy of the heart, the air is filled with the fragrance of flowers, looking into the distance, the mountains are green, the flowers in the vicinity are colorful, engraved a multicolored picture in our eyes.

The rain in June is not as soft and beautiful as the spring rain. She is generous, sometimes rushing in during the day, talking for three days and three nights. Sometimes she whip in the night, thunder and rain sounds the night sky.

The green leaves are so thick, and the raindrops pound it down. It bounces off and then squats again, and it bounces again. Such small leaves of that piece have such a strong and unyielding vitality, this will make people feel ashamed of those who are retreating when they are in trouble.

After the rain, the lake swayed with soft waves. The light of those lakes is reflected on the willows, like asking  the wicker:” Why is the mirror so calm in the face of everyone, but oneself will be wavered by a leaf, a grain of sand, and a trace of wind.” Wicker shakes the graceful body, as if to answer: “the mirror is cold and frosty, can only tap, can’t stand the blow, fragile. But your mind is delicate, you can see the beauty and ugliness;your heart is broad,silently washed the dirt on your body; you are open-minded, and you will be calm as soon as after the big waves.” The ripples of the lake are swaying and smiling. A few small fish jumped up jubilantly, and the lake swayed wave after wave.

In June, depicting the colorful colors, jumping with lively and lovely notes, full of youthful vibrancy, carrying the lush green of June, let us step into the waves of time, in the direction of dreams. In the voyage of life, set sail.


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