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Good summer is with beer and lobster

Time: 2020-08-27 Hits: 57

Just a few days ago, our department organized to eat crayfish, we arrived at the destination with a fiery heart, The small room was filled with diners, because there are more and more people who eat lobsters now, lobster has also been developed with more flavors: spicy, chilled, steamed, soy sauce and more.

Crayfish is suitable for eating by hand, put on gloves, first remove the head, the shrimp’s internal organs in the head will flow out,with white meat, exudes a burst of aroma, then remove the shell from the body, and put the remaining tail with some sauce directly into the mouth. The shrimp is very soft and tender,the spicy and seasoned sweetness of the sauce will definitely stimulate your taste buds , and last drink a cold beer, ah, this is the beauty that summer should have!
Late-night canteen with Chinese characteristics is the crayfish,In fact, it is difficult to say why the crayfish is so popular,because of its refreshing taste? Or is it delicious? But what is certain is that when we are eating lobsters together at a table, we put down the mobile phone in order to peel the lobster, and when we seriously enjoy a meal together, we really feel the joy of gathering and sharing.

Crayfish is a food that is suitable for sharing with close people,Call a bunch of friends, wrap around a table, drink wine while peeling shrimps, recall memories with your friends, think bout the future,peel off bad things, throw regrets and misses into the wine and drink them.Woke up the next day, another new day!8

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