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Spring day outing – barbecue

Time: 2020-08-27 Hits: 38

In the morning of May, the air is warm and sultry. In this spring season, our department organized a self-service barbecue in the wild, and then went fishing lobster.

The purpose of this activity is not only a good opportunity for everyone to relax, but also a good time to go out to study. What is important is how to integrate team spirit into the activities and create an atmosphere in which all employees are united, active and progressive.

After arriving at the port of destination, we cleaned up all the ingredients we bought yesterday and started the barbecue. Although our technology is not good enough, we can make it more delicious after accumulating many failed experiences. The most tired of this barbecue is our Allen. As you can see from the photo, Allen is like a hardworking father who has been sitting next to the grill to feed hungry children.

Then we went fishing for lobsters. This is a patience activity. When we put down the bait hook, we need to wait quietly for a while, the lobster will be hooked, then slowly raise the hook and catch the lobster with a small net, but if we are impatient, then The lobster can escape. It’s like our work, it takes patience and dedication to get good grades.

Finally, although each of us is tired, we are still happy to go back.


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