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Dragon Boat Festival

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 The fifth day of the fifth lunar month is the traditional Chinese folk festival - Dragon Boat Festival. It is one of the ancient traditional festivals of the Chinese nation.Dragon Boat Festival is also called terminal five, duanyang.In addition, the Dragon Boat Festival has many other names, such as: afternoon festival, heavy five festival, May Festival, bath orchid festival, daughter's festival, day festival, wax, poet's festival, dragon day and so on.Although the name is different, but generally speaking, people around the customs of the festival or more than different.

The Dragon Boat Festival, is the traditional habits of the Chinese people for more than two thousand years, because of the vast territory, many nationalities, plus many stories and legends, so not only produced many different festival names, but also have different customs around.Its main contents are as follows:Daughter back, hanging doors, to meet the ghost ship, noon, afternoon Ye Fu, hanging calamus and wormwood, swam out, her sweet bursa, for he feels ashamed, dragon boat racing, duration, the shots, swing, for children with realgar, drinking realgar wine, sweet wine, bread eaten ruling, salted egg, zongzi and seasonal fruit, etc., in addition to the superstition color activities gradually vanished,The rest have been distributed throughout China and neighboring countries.Some activities, such as the dragon boat race, have gained new development, breaking through the boundaries of time and region, and become international sports events.

There are many theories about the origin of the Dragon Boat Festival.

For example: to commemorate Qu Yuan said;Commemorate wu zixu said;Commemorate Cao E said;From the three generations of the summer solstice festival said;Evil moon evil day drive away said, Wu Yue national totem offering said, and so on.Above each say, each root and source.

According to the scholar Mr. Wen Yiduo "Dragon Boat Festival examination" and "Dragon Boat Festival historical education" enumerated more than 100 ancient book records and expert archaeological research, the origin of the Dragon Boat Festival, is the ancient Chinese southern Wuyue nation held a totem festival, earlier than Qu Yuan.However, for thousands of years, Qu Yuan's patriotic spirit and touching poems have been widely and deeply rooted in people's hearts, so people "cherish and mourn for them, the world discusses their words, to pass on how". Therefore, the memorial of Qu Yuan, the most extensive and deepest, occupy the mainstream position.In the field of folk culture, the Chinese people to the Dragon Boat Festival dragon boat race and eating zongzi, etc. are linked with the memory of Qu Yuan.

Today, the Dragon Boat Festival is still a very popular among the Chinese people of a grand festival.

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