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Happy Ramadan

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On this day, nearly 1.8 billion Muslims around the world celebrate Eid al-Fitr!No religion can compare;No other international event comes close;There are not so many happy children;No other organization can organize an event on this scale!It's harmony like you've never seen before!No matter of race, no matter of color, no matter of region, no matter of age, no matter of language, no matter of high or low status, no matter of men and women, the world celebrates the advent of Eid!

Farewell to do work, for redemption prayer, grace of the noble Ramadan, celebrating the festival of Erde, let us enhance the fear of knowing God, celebrate auspicious, share grace!Happy Eid!

Greetings to you with the noble game eyes, blessed with the auspicious Ramadan for you, tearful farewell to Allah's guests, dressed up to welcome the full of good luck, January temper makes you and I know that obeying the Lord is the greatest happiness!Happy.

Thousands of words, no way to speak, the world is good for you, every morning to pray for you, every day the sunset wish you peace, every joy with you, every health with you forever, I wish you a happy Eid al-Fitr!

Ann color two eyes!The dawn is accompanied by the rising sun, we usher in the honorable Eid al-Fitr, in this auspicious day, pray God to grant you and your family good health, life happiness!

With the arrival of the annual noble grand Eid al-Fitr, all things are begging for peace, health and happiness to the one and only, omnipotent, the Lord who knows the past and the future.

Man is the most of all things, the most grateful is Allah, man!The most valuable is faith, people!The most prudent is the sect, people!The most beautiful is good, man!The most happy is to meet, people!The happiest two worlds and flutter!

Faith is fire, melting the ice of life, adherence is water, irrigating the thirsty grain, awe is the wind, blowing away the dust of the heart, hope is rain, moistening the heart of the flowers, OK, Mu people can not do without these four.

Greetings to you with noble blue, blessing for you with auspicious Ramadan, tearful farewell to Allah's guests, wearing full dress to welcome the good luck, January temper makes you and I know that obeying the Lord is the greatest happiness!Happy,

Mercy is the wind,the letter is the sail, Li Cheng is the ship, the way is the sea, sincerity is the baby, compassion is the wind, blowing the letter is the sail, honest water carrying work repair ship, to recognize the Lord only one baby, loyal tunnel 1: continue to move on!

The noble month of Ramadan with its unspeakable weight and ocean of grace has gone from us, the new moon breaking fast suddenly appeared, and the festival of joy has come.At this point don't come;Among the blend of one worry one joy, we always pray to Allah: dignified faith, the compliance of changchuan, parents from as soon as possible, into heaven, children safe!Old age health!To Temphige!Amy is!

First way a sound and color two eyes!Say hello to Eid again!May Allah grant happiness, peace and auspiciousness!

Unified belief, comply with Gulan, image of the sages, propaganda network, firm principle, life, education, two world and heavy.

The noble Ramadan has left us, the festival day has come, sincerely say a noble and base section of Selan, Ansay two to trapped wood!Wish you and your family a happy holiday!

Let the color eyes blow away your sorrow, let Ma Zi wash away your troubles, let the fast brush off your SINS, let the Koran bring you warmth, let Allah give you peace!Happy Eid!

The night has the stars appear charming;The sea with the sound of waves appears profound;A year with the holy month of Ramadan;Friends have you feel honored;Best wishes to you.Happy Lent!

Autumn leaves yellow, Ramadan away, the water of the Yellow River flows east;Erde festival, the Lord grace, infinite grace forever.Two eyes, I wish peace, happiness always with family;Always remember the Lord, together with efforts, you and I can be beautiful tomorrow.Wish you and your family a happy holiday!

Happy Ramadan

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