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What is the difference between car tire external filling and internal filling

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First, the difference between external and internal filling  

1, the difference between the operation: car tire repair is the form of rubber nail, do not remove the tire, auto repair personnel use rubber strip sticking strong glue drilling into the hole to complete the repair.  The internal repair is more complex, need to be equipped with professional tire dismantling tools, the tire from the hub to dismantle, find the hole, with a special vulcanizing machine after heating hot repair.  

2, the difference between the repair effect: the repair speed of car tire external repair is fast, but its effect is general, and the durability and durability are not good.  Secondly, the external filling of car tires can only be aimed at smaller wounds, while the internal filling of car tires can deal with larger wounds.  

3. The difference in maintenance cost: compared with the internal repair of automobile tires, the external repair of automobile tires is cheaper. Since the internal repair requires the use of professional tools, it takes more time, so the price of maintenance increases accordingly.  

Two, car tire repair method:  

1, the inner layer of the tire coated with special tire rubber can be completed repair.  In fact, this method is similar to bicycle tire repair method, requires a special tire stripping machine and tire rubber to complete.  The advantage is that it can repair larger breaks, but it is less persistent.  

2. Hot patch: Hot patch, also called fire patch, is a relatively thorough repair operation.  Hot repair also needs to remove the tire, put special raw film on the tear and heat the way to make the two hot fusion.  This repair is durable and doesn't take too long.  

3, rubber strip method: rubber strip method is the car tire repair method, this method is the most fast and cheap, but compared with other repair methods out of the effect is not very good, the tire is easy to leak again.  Therefore, this method is suitable for ordinary car owners.  

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