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Tire Valves - What Are They And How Do They Work

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What Are Tire Valves? A tire valve is a device that is used to control the amount of air in a tire. The Basics about Bike Tire Valves So, what exactly is a tire valve? A tire valve is simply an inner tube within a bike tire that opens up when the pressure in the tire is less than atmospheric (at least 25% of the usual tire pressure). The inner tube seals against the inner tube of the tire and prevents the air from leaving the tire until the valve is closed.

Why Use Tire Valves? There are several valid reasons why bike mechanics choose to use valve stems for valve control. The most important reason is that the valve stems minimize valve blowout problems. When air pressure in a tire is under low pressure, the valve stem will be able to hold the valve closed until the air pressure builds up again. Some valve stems are compatible with dual action operation which allows you to regulate air pressures simultaneously using both valves.

How Do They Work? All motorcycle valves are connected to a stem. A number of these stem segments are connected to a single large valve that acts as a brake. Sometimes other valves are used as aids for increasing or decreasing tire pressure.

How Are Tire Valves Used? Most motorcycle valves are designed for one specific application such as a lower air pressure helping to stop the bike from coasting during a long downhill ride. For other applications motorcycle valves are available in a variety of types including single, double, and multiple valve stems. The most common type used for low pressure applications is a double stem with one valve per stem.

How Are Tire Valves Used in Motorcycles? In addition to helping to prevent tires from wearing out, tire valves also help to maintain a balanced pressure. When a tire valve is used on most motorcycle tires, the valve acts as a booster for air pressure. This helps to keep the motorcycle's engine cool by drawing cooling air through the radiator. The increased air circulation helps to reduce friction and heat buildup.

Are All Different Styles Available? Yes! There are many different styles of valve stems including: tapered, non-Tapered, and threaded. Which stem you choose depends on the type of tire you have, the pressure needed, and whether you plan to use it for an open or closed valve stem. If you are unsure, ask your shop assistant for assistance in choosing the right item for the job at hand.

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