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Effects of 5 ways to repair tires

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The situation of tire repair is encountered by almost every owner. It is cheaper to repair tire, and it can continue to be used after repairing the small tire wounds.However, in the face of a wide variety of tire repair methods on the market, such as cold repair, hot repair, tire seal, mushroom nails, and tire repair fluids, many consumers are dizzy. Which way is better? Actually,each method has its own advantages and disadvantages, we can choose according to needs.

1. Rubber strip : simple operation for emergency

The most common way to repair a tire is to insert rubber strip into the punctured part of the tire. The biggest advantage of this method is that it is quick and convenient, it only takes a few minutes, and it does not need to pry the tire from the steel ring. The disadvantage is that it is not durable and it is difficult to cope with large wounds. Usually it can only be used as a temporary remedy. If you want to continue to use the tire, you must also make internal repairs.

2. Cold repair: convenient but not durable

During cold repair, you need to remove the tire from the rim, find the break and clean up the foreign objects around the break, then paste a special tire repair film from the inside of the tire to complete the leak repair. This method is similar to the bicycle tire repair method, except that it requires a special tire cutting machine and tire repair film. Although this method can repair large damaged surfaces on the tire, it is not durable. After a period of flooding or high-speed driving, air leakage may occur at the repaired place.

3. Hot supplement: It’s also good, but you need to find a reliable business

The hot repair method is similar to the cold repair method, in which a special film is attached to the break, but an additional step is required to bake the break with a baking machine until the film is melted and adhered to the break. Therefore, the advantage of hot repair is that the repaired place is very durable, and it will not leak air again and again. However, improper heat repair may also hurt the fetus. Hot repair has strict requirements on the temperature and time of heating, especially the tires of private cars are thinner than large trucks. Improper heating and high temperature may damage the tires.

4. Mushroom nails: works well but high prices

The mushroom nail repair method, as the name suggests, uses a rubber patch similar to a mushroom shape to pinpoint the holes in the tire, thread the mushroom roots out, and then cut off the excess exposed. The inside part is glued with special glue. The root part of the mushroom can play an external supplement effect, and the internal part of the mushroom is equivalent to the internal supplement effect. According to reports, the effect of the mushroom nail supplement is better, but it takes a long time in the repair process, which usually takes about half an hour. Its price is also higher than the ordinary tire repair.

5. Automatic tire fluid: only emergency

At present, most cars are equipped with conventional spare tires, But there are a few models that are limited by space and use tire repair fluid to replace spare tire assembly. This tire repair fluid is a synthetic polymer compound in the form of a white foamy liquid. It is stored in a compressed air tank. When in use, it is injected into the tire through a valve mouth. at the same time, the pressure of the compressed air tank is used to inject the liquid into the tire while inflating the tire.Then, the tire repair fluid is evenly covered on the inner side of the tire by the centrifugal force by driving, and a seal film is formed on the inner surface of the tire to play a tire repair effect.This method is an emergency tire repair method when no obvious breach can be found. However, the effect of tire repair is limited, and the persistence time is limited. Therefore, the tire repair fluid is only an emergency product. There is no spare tire, no repair shop, and you have to continue to use it.
Can all broken tire make up? Of course not.Whether it can be repaired depends on where the tire is injured and the severity of the injury.If the tire wall is punctured, or the holes on the tread or the tire crown are punctured by objects such as steel bars, causing a large loophole, you should still replace the tire directly. Because tires that have suffered such heavy injuries are not only difficult to repair, the results after repairing cannot be reassured. Repairing tires is not a panacea, especially for owners of emergency tire repair methods that use automatic tire repair fluids and gun shooting methods. It is recommended to find the nearest repair point for repair or change the tire as soon as possible.

What do you notice when the tire repair is over? After repairing the tire, be sure to check the dynamic balance of the tire, because repairing the tire will damage the dynamic balance of the tire, if not checked, it will cause the vehicle to shake and high fuel consumption. Professional maintenance technicians say that as long as they pass the tire dynamic balance test, they can be placed on the front and rear wheels. At the same time, the maintenance master also suggested that the owner can always have a small electric air pump on the car in order to inflate the tires in an emergency. An electric small air pump is about $ 10 to $ 30. After inflation, the vehicle can usually run No problem in half an hour, so you can find a nearby repair shop or tire repair place.


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