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Heavy duty bias-ply repair units



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Heavy duty bias-ply repair units

Cross-ply-bias agricultural

※ SUNSOUL bias repair patches can be used on tubeless or tube-type tyres.

※ They offer excellent flexibility, greater strength and construction and have been proven

safe and dependable by millions of on-the-road.

※ Manufactured with a ply of rubber between the fabric and cushion gum which acts as

a float or shock   absorbing ply.

※ Repair unit construction allows for easy application and enables repairs to be made closer

to the tyre bead, eliminating the need for a separate sidewall repair unit.

Heavy duty bias-ply repair units


► Inspect tire for repairability using tire manufacturer or SUNSOUL LAB guidelines. If repairable, mark injury with crayon and carefully remove injuring object.

►Probe injury to determine exact size and direction, removing all debirs.

►Select the appropriate repair patch for injury and type of tyre. Apply prebuff cleaner to repair area and use rubber scraper toremove dirt and mold lubricants. Using Carbide Cutter, drill injury channel 3 times from inside then 3 times from outside, making sure all damaged and rusted cables have been removed and only good rubber remains.

►Cement the injury channel with Chemical Vulcanizing Cement and install the appropriate vulcanizing insert. Trim flush with the tire innerliner. Mechanically buff outlined repair area to a velvet-like texture. Remove buffing dust with a clean brush or vacuum. Apply Chemical Vulcanizing Cement to buffed area, working into rubber and ALLOW TO DRY THOROUGHLY.

►Remove backing and center repair patch over injury and thoroughly stitch down from center out to remove trapped air.

►Finish repair by applying Inner Liner Sealer around edge of repair patch the to overbuff area.





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