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The Power of a Smile

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We are busier and busier now. sometimes we just feel stressed and painful and we forget tosmile. please smile! Smile to others around you. smile to the world.

Smile is import portant in our life. for ourselves, smile can make us happy and relaxed when we are sad or stressed. when you smile, the world in your eyes are better for others, smile can make others feel comfortable and relaxed and they will like you also, smile can bring you success. I once read a story, a salesman tried his best to sale things but always failed before, then he learned how to smile, he smiled all the time and others felt he was so kind and his smile was so attractive that they all wanted to but his things. Finally, the man became successful.

No matter you are happy or sad, do it now. The power of a smile is large, it can make alI of us feel happy including yourself smile to the world, to others and to everything.

Smile is the best human language. A smile can make the world colorful. A smile can bring a happy feeling, and a smile can resolve a misunderstanding. Smiling can bring happiness to family and good luck to life. It will make the tired feel happy, the frustrated feel happy, and the sad feel warm. If we have such people around us, we should also give them a smile to comfort them.

Smiling doesn’t need money, but needs initiative. Maybe one of our smiles can help others and bring hope to others. Therefore, we should always smile in our life and give encouragement and help to others.
No matter how large the difficulties and frustration, no matter how much is lost and sadness, you just need to Insist smile, keep calm , hard work,and use a smile to create your confidence . You will be more stronger and nothing can stop you until you will have the last laugh.That’s the power of smiles.

Someone said that life is like a mirror, if you smile upon it, I smiles back upon you,but if you frown and look doubtful on it, you will get a similar look in return.Like the beauty of the language,smile is also powerful .Sang Lan is one of the Chinese gymnasts.When she faced the accidental injury she also kept smile and did’t give up.So she won the people’s respect and praise.See that,smile can make your life better.It makes the frustration people lost confidence and courage to live,and this is the power of smiles.

Let us learn to smile, it gives us the progress of power!


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