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the End of Heat

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End of Heat is a solar term that reflects temperature changes. The original meaning of "Chi" is the meaning of "stop" and "stay". "Shuo Wen Jie Zi" said: "Place, stop also. "End of Heat" means that the scorching weather has come to an end and the heat begins to subside. "Three Summers" and "three Fu" both represent hot and very hot weather, and the curves on the time axis and the temperature axis are basically the same: summer days, dog days; The dog days will end, and the summer will end.

End of heat days still heat, like autumn tiger.

End of Heat day is not heat, hot at noon.

Hot cooked grain, solid grain.

End of heat rain, grains are rice (rice).

Early rain in the end of Heat, rice in the barn.

End of heat if the day does not rain, even if the knot is difficult to protect rice.

End of heat three days of rice (late rice) pregnant, cold dew to rice into storage.

End of heat valley yellow, beware of strong wind.

End of heat full of rehmannia, every repair granary.

At the end of heat, sorghum is red everywhere.

At the end of summer, sorghum is everywhere to get sickle.

White dew grain of sorghum during End of Heat.

Cut the yellow grain three days after end of heat.

The end of heat ten days busy cutting grain.

Millet return to green increase a stone, millet return to green production.

Broomcorn millet back to green collapse field, millet back to green a chaff.

A careless harvest, the birds burst their belly.

Harvest millet, white dew harvest grain.

See new flowers in end of heat.

End of heat good sunny day, every pick new cotton.

End of Heat blossom without flowers.

Flowers in End of heat do not return home.

End of heat flowers, pick up home; White dew flower, not home; White dew flowers, warm high frost late harvest.

End of heat long potato.

The cabbage will be moved in the end of heat, and there will be nine out of ten years.

Remove cabbages at the end of heat, and vigorously hoe the seedlings to dry.

End heat plant, white dew, and then late can not keep up.

Planting cabbage at end of heat is beneficial but not harmful.

End of heat plant, white dew chase, autumn equinox magnify water.

Plucking hemp and picking old melon during end of Heat.

End of heat see red dates, the autumn equinox hit the net.

End of heat flowers and red dates, the autumn equinox played out.

During end heat, the fish grows fast, management should be strengthened, food should be increased, and diseases should be prevented early.


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