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The charm of winter

Time: 2020-08-27 Hits: 63

There are four seasons in a year, each season has different sceneries, I like winter best because we can see a magnificent view of the snow at that time. Heavy snow in winter, it seems people came to a quiet and tastefully laid out and quiet realm, came to a glitening thoroughly tick the fairy tale world. Loosen the fragrance, the ice snow sweet, give a person a kind of cool consoIation. Everything is in filtration and sublimation, even my soul also at purification, become pure and beautiful.
Dusk of snow,deep cut, as if there were, and countless emotions like weter,reging, generally can drown everything,there’s a uncover the bare CangTouLouWei feels. Snowflakes from myriad, shining brilliantly. like the names of the warrior. be covered with silver of armor, and like pieces of white sails in the war voyage… In a snow scenery magnificent, between heaven end earth, unaware of monochromatic, can only see a silver. as though the whole world with silver to decorate and become columns, the continuous snow world. decorated with QiongZhi jade leaf, pink outfit jade and bricks Hao ran monochromatic. was a complete snow scene.
Even gratifying l love, I love white snow, I Iove the winter. Winter is the mind rings.Winter, although very cold, but it has incomparable warmth and hope.


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