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Mid-Autumn Festival

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On the August 15th day of the lunar calendar, it is the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival in China. At the Mid-Autumn Festival night, the moonlight is bright and clean, and the ancients regard the moon as a symbol of reunion. Therefore, it is also calledReunion Festival. People will choose and Family reunion, sharing the joy of family, in order to celebrate this festival, there are customs in various places, People will put on the incense,pray for peace, eat moon cakes and pray for reunion.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is a time for Chinese people all over the world to come together, eat special cakes and gaze at the full moon. Though a happy occasion, theres a heartbreaking story that explains how it came to be.

Chinese legend tells of the hero Houyi and his beautiful wife Change.Houyi is a powerful archer. In ancient times, because there were ten suns in the sky, scorching the earth and its people.Houyi took it upon himself to save them. Using incredible strength and superior marksmanship, he shot down nine of the suns and left one in the sky so that humans could draw upon its warmth and light.Later, The Jade Emperor reward Houyi undead medicine,However,the content was only enough for one person and Houyi was reluctant to leave his beloved wife alone on the earth so he gave the eelixir to Change to preserve and wanted to seek another one for his wife.Change carefully stored it in a wooden box while her action was peeked by the Peng Meng- one of her husbandfriend

After Houyi go soon, Peng Meng armed with a sword into the backyard of the inner house, forcing Change to hand over the elixir.Change had no better idea than swallowed the elixir herself.As soon as she took it ,Change flew from her house toward the heave and finally landed on the moon.

On a clear night, Houyi saw Change in the moon, called out to her and even tried to shoot it down, but it was too late.

Now a lunar goddess, Change was doomed to be apart from her husband forever. Houyi honoured his wife by arranging a table with incense, meats and fruits that she loved. The tradition of making sacrifices to the moon carried through the ages, from the Western Zhou Dynasty (1045 to 770 B.C.) onward.

And so it is today, that Chinese all over the world meet outside, eat together and gaze at a plentiful moon, like the legendary and historical ancestors who came before.

However,in our mind,the first and foremost thing in Mid-autumn day is to stay with your family,have a good cup of tea,look up the full silver moon,enjoy the fragrant moon cake.Thats the supreme happiness of life.

Sunsoul hope you have a good mood, wish you healthy, happy every day!

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