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Beginning of Autumn

Time: 2020-08-27 Hits: 48

Autumn came quietly to us, with autumn wind, autumn rain, and autumn colors.

The autumn wind is cool, blowing on the face, very comfortable. There is no summer heat, not winter cold. Autumn is beautiful and warm.

The sky is so blue, the sky is so high.It makes people cheerful and refreshing, and the mood flies with the clouds, watching the blue of the sky, thinking quietly.

Some people say that autumn is a season of sadness. The trees begin to sprout in the spring, thrive in the summer, and wither or disappear in the fall. Time flies, youth is like running water, obsessed with the autumn sun, revealing a touch of coolness.Autumn brings us peace and sublimation, and brings us wisdom and thinking.Autumn is quiet, so we like autumn.

We are in an impetuous era, and it is easy to lose ourselves in the world. However, this is the so-called life. Life can’t be everything you want it to be, and the troubles are still going on.All happiness and sorrow come from our heart, and peace of mind is happiness. Although the twists and turns in life are inevitable, as long as we are calm and consider the problem from another angle, everything will be different.

“The Yuanjue Sutra” once said: “All beings have reincarnation because of their greed.” We must know how to let go and know what happiness is. A person’s life is actually a long-term trip. Although there are countless bumps and muds along the way, there are also endless spring flowers and autumn months. Only by learning to put down all the obsessions, the troubles will disappear.

Life, not all will be so satisfactory; career, not always brilliant and worry-free; forward, always encounter obstacles; love, there will always be ups and downs. Learn to turn when the road is not working, don’t force others, don’t blame yourself. When there is a knot in the heart, learn to let go of your obsession and choose to let go. Some memories are remembered as warmth. Some pain, let go is happiness.

Cherish now, a little more mature, less trouble, more indifferent, less of a fame and fortune, More true, less secular. Leave an open sky to the heart, just like this beautiful fall, the autumn sky.

There are so many troubles in life, letting go is happiness.


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